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Team & Collaborators

Fernando Pinillos
Fernando PinillosFounder
Biologist, specialised in Marine Environmental Protection and founder of Awaroo. He started his career as a marine scientist and, at the same time, he became interested in the social component of science. In the environmental communication área, he started collaborating with different institutions in the production of communication resources, and got specialized in communication and visual media production with the intention of applying them to the environmental realm. He is interested in integrating society into natural resources management and conservation plans. Furthermore, he actively participates in Marine Protected Areas research and his application in marine biodiversity conservation. Fernando has collaborated with different institutions in strengthening their communication and conservation plans in places like Galápagos Islands, Australia, New Caledonia and Vietnam, and in several research and natural resources management projects. Nowadays, he devotes his time to apply marketing strategies and visual media to science and environmental communication, in order to engage public attention and generate a social response to resolve environmental issues.
Rodrigo Riera
Rodrigo RieraCollaborator Scientist
Person in charge of the Atlantic Environmental Research Centre (CIMA), he is specially interested in knowing the effects of human impacts on marine communities, including contamination, habitat destruction and climate change. Rodrigo has participated in many research projects in Spain and overseas and, beyond his interest in science, he is highly committed to transmitting science to society. In this área, he has substantially contributed to marine biology dissemination and he is a usual collaborator of Hufftington Post.
Mariana Fuentes
Mariana FuentesCollaborator Scientist
Conservation biologist at Florida State University, her main research interests focus on conservation planning, natural resource management, and on anthropogenic and climate change impacts on marine mega-fauna, especially marine turtles. Her passion for the ocean and marine mega-fauna and her concerns about their future has prompted this scientist to develop a research program that addresses real-world issues and focuses on connecting people to science for effective change. Mariana has worked closely with government, non-government organizations, and Indigenous agencies throughout Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Kenya, Madagascar, USA, and Vanuatu.
Shannon Hogan
Shannon HoganCollaborator Publisher & Designer
Shannon is a graphic and website designer with more than ten years of experience working in print and online publishing for environmental research and management organisations. Formerly a communications and event manager, as well as Executive Assistant. Shannon provides communications, publications and digital marketing support to C2O Consulting, C2O Fisheries and SymbioSeas.