Climate Change and Kelp forests – Infographic

//Climate Change and Kelp forests – Infographic

Climate Change and Kelp forests – Infographic

Today we want to speak about the utility that an infographic can have in communicating relatively complex processes. For it, we are going to use the latest infographic we have developed to facilitate the understanding of the outcomes obtained by a group of scientists from the University of Western Australia and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).


Climate Change and Kelp Infographic

Researching Kelp forests

The aforementioned study discusses the impacts that an extreme weather event had on kelp forests in Western Australia. In it, evidences on how the extension of kelp (Ecklonia radiata) and the ecosystems associated to them have completely disappeared from 100km along of the Australian shore. The infographic shows in a simple manner three scenarios through which we can see how the kelp forests are displaced towards the south by species that would normally be located in more northerly latitudes.

The study outcomes were published in the scientific article Climate-driven regime shift of a temperate marine ecosystem by the prestigious journal Science, and disseminated internationally by several communication media.

Congratulations to the team of researchers for their achievements!

More information about the production of this infographic in our Portfolio.

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