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Project Description

Eels, an endless journey is an animated infographic presented in .GIF format that shows the phases, morphological characteristics and distribution of the European Eel.

The European Eel

The European Eel is one of the most amazing animals we know, as it is capable of carrying out long migrations throughout its life. Although the exact reproduction place of the European Eel is still unknown, most studies suggest that it is found in the Sargasso Sea. The life cycle of these animals is complex and involves long migrations between oceans and rivers.

Animated infographic

Here we present a personal project that was carried out in order to visually explain the complexity of the life cycle of the eels. The information used to create the infographic was extracted from scientific papers and reports and contrasted with experts in this topic. Although the exact reproduction site of the European Eel is still unknown, most studies suggest that it is located in the Sargasso Sea, and this is the area that has been depicted in the artwork.

This animated infographic synchronizes the growth phase of the eels, their average (relative) size, their geographic location and its habitat in the river, sea or ocean. With it, you can have a clear vision of how eels look like and where they are located at each moment of their life cycle. In addition, it is possible to see the evolution of the eels morphology from its larval phase to its adult phase, including its metamorphic phases. For example, details in the form and coloration of the eye of the eels that, when they live in the river and have diurnal habits, is small and dark. Following their growth, once they leave the river bed and leave the open sea, their habits become nocturnal and therefore their eyes increase in size to adapt to the lack of light.

Eels, an endless journey

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